LSAC Forum Miami 9/25/15

I attended the LSAC Forum in Miami in  September 2015 and… IT. WAS. A. BLAST! I learned so much in one day and the chance to meet law school admission deans and representative was invaluable. Everyone was very nice and you get a ton of insight on a school’s philosophy and their culture. For people that stand in one small section and get asked the same questions time and time again, they are very patient and really take their time to make sure your questions are answered and those answers are satisfactory.

The workshops at the forum are also invaluable. They cover the following topics:

  • Forum 101
    • This workshop talks about the forum, explains the process and gives you ideas on how to maximize your time.
  • About the LSAT
    • Members from the LSAC test development staff (the people who make the actual LSAT test!) brief you on the test and then answer individual questions.
  • The Application Process
    • Covers the basic elements for applying to law school. (self-assessment, scheduling and timing, the LSAC, personal statements, letters of recommendation, and the decision making process.) They show a video and then allow a Q&A session with law school admission professionals.
  • Financing a Legal Education
    • They cover what aid is available, the loan application process, qualifying for federal and private loan programs and future indebtedness. They also provide a financial aid expert that answers individual questions.
  • What do lawyers do?
    • This was by far my favorite. There is a panel of attorneys and they vary in their expertise of the law and their experience. There were recent grads and lawyers that have been practicing for longer than I have been alive. The panel discusses their area of law, talk about their law school experience and go through what a typical day for them is like. They also have a Q&A session at the end.

I live in Orlando and drove to the forum in the early morning to avoid paying for a hotel room. I took a bunch of notes and took packets from my top 10 schools. Even then, the weight of those packets did wear on me. Make sure you take a bag to fit all of the info and take lots and lots of notes. It helped me set up a study schedule for the LSAT, and an application schedule for schools I will be applying to.

It was very cool to meet so many like minded people that are going through the same process. I don’t know anyone in my circle of friends that is applying to law school so when I talk about the process to my friends or girlfriend, I get a blank stare and they zone out after a couple of minutes. Having others to talk to really helps keep it all in perspective.

For more information on the forum, please visit and search forum. They have them all over the country and I can’t stress how valuable the information I learned. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment and tell us about it!



Since I decided that I was going to go to law school, I started doing some research. I am the type of person that researches EVERYTHING before I do it, purchase it or agree to it. One thing that I wanted to talk about today was the tsunami of negative comments or posts one will find on the topic of law school or the profession as a whole. There are countless posts, sites, and articles about how bad the legal profession is. They say there is gigantic debt and zero jobs. They say that it is a waste of time and will most likely lead to financial ruin!

I did some research and here is what I have found:

Miami LSAC Forum 2015 – I had a chance to sit in on some workshops with people who just recently graduated from law school. They talk about their experiences  in law school and about their job search. They share their experiences and every single one of them said they would go to law school if given a second chance. I spoke with different people from different workshops, all gave the same answer, law school is difficult, but worth it. If there were an

Practicing Attorneys – When I get the chance, I play basketball at the LA Fitness nearest to my home. They have a pretty competitive pickup game at the 7am hour. One of the men that play is a current defense attorney. I picked his brain about the idea to go to law school and asked his opinion. He expressed the commitment level it would take to succeed, but said he loved his work and is proud of the job he does everyday.

Recent Alum – I took a visit to UF Law school in 2015. The Dean of Admissions was very helpful and also got me in contact with a recent grad from the university. He is currently employed and Had great insight on a degree from UF would do networking wise. He expressed how large of a network there was of Gator attorneys and the reach that the Gator nation had.

Those are just some examples of people I have talked to. They are all very real and very honest about their law school experience. I can say that other than posts I read online from people that I have no real connection or commonality with, I have not come across one person that regrets going to law school.

So if going to law school is what you really want to do, GO AHEAD! Don’t let others take away what you want to do. Do your own research, talk to recent grads, experienced attorneys and current students, and most importantly talk to the staff of the school you want to attend. When I started all of this, I was pretty sure I wanted to go to Stetson, but after my trip to Gainesville, my whole top 5 schools have changed. Trust in your gut and do what you think will make you happy!

If you want to share your experiences or some insight, please leave a comment. Everyone’s opinion will be valued and I’m sure appreciated. (Please keep the comments informative and refrain from any abusive or derogatory language.)



LSAT Study Material

I am taking the LSAT in June this year and have 3 months to study. I have purchased the Powerscore LSAT Bibles and workbooks to assist. I will list the items I have purchased. I know I probably over did it, but knowing that this test can determine so much of my life, I would rather do too much than not enough.

Study Materials:

Powerscore materials:

  1. LSAT Bible Trilogy:
    1. Logic Games Bible
    2. Logical Reasoning Bible
    3. Reading Comprehension Bible
  2. LSAT Bible Workbooks Trilogy:
    1. Logic Games Workbook
    2. Logical Reasoning Workbook
    3. Reading Comprehension Workbook
  3. LSAT Question Collections:
    1. Logic Games: Game Type Training
    2. Reading Comprehension: Passage Type Training
    3. (I did not purchase the Logical Reasoning: Question Type Training as I could not afford it)

LSAC materials:

  1. LSAT Superprep
  2. Prep Tests
    1. 10 Actual, Official Lsat PrepTests Volume V
    2. 10 New, Actual Official LSAT PrepTests

I spent over $450.00 on these books and will let you know what worked for me and what didn’t. Hopefully I can help someone in the future save some money while trying to study.



June 2007 LSAT

So, I just took the June 2007 LSAT and scored a 149. I really had difficulty with the Logic Games, I scored a 9 in that section. I did well in the Reading Comprehensions and the Logical Reasoning sections. I knew that the Logic Games section was going to be bad for me, I never play games like Sudoku. I plan on buckling down for the next several months and study my butt off for the June LSAT. This is kind of encouraging though as I now know that my floor is an average score and I would most likely be accepted to either law school in Orlando. (FAMU and Barry)



Some of you may not know this, but I am a father to a beautiful 6 year old girl. She is the reason behind my choice to pursue law school.

It all started about two years ago. Jaslyn was 4 years old and won her first race. For those of you not aware, she loves running. She is in reality very athletic and extremely COMPETITIVE. (I know most parents say that their kids are the best, but I constantly find myself telling her to slow it down sometimes.) She breezes by every kid her age and in her school meets, gets to race kids 2 or 3 years her senior! I am proud of her athletic accomplishments, but the one thing that really makes me proud is her humility. She is a team player and is always a good sport. She even let’s her younger stepbrother win when they race!

One day we were driving home after a meet, we were driving home and talking about her success. In the middle of her telling me how she loved running, I asked her “What do you love about class?” She gave me a confused look and I elaborated “What is something that you learned in class recently that you really liked?” She thought for a moment and said “Well, I like learning science and P.E.” I responded by telling her that science is very fun and learning science would help her get into a good college, where she could study to become whatever she wanted. She turned to me and asked “Papi, what college did you go to?” I blushed and explained that her Papi had not gone to college. She looked a little disappointed and at that very moment I knew, I must lead by example.

Demanding a college education and having not gotten one was hypocritical and I wanted to set the best example for my daughter. I enrolled in Florida Technical College and really applied myself. Before I knew it I had a 3.8 GPA and doors were beginning to open as far as my options after my bachelor’s degree. I always had a passion for law, not the law seen on T.V., but the actual legal process. Ever since then, I pursued my dream and have had the ability to set a great example for my daughter all at once.

First Post!!!

For those of you that didn’t read the about me page (I never did), I will reiterate the purpose of this blog. I created this blog to help educate and shed some light on the law school process. This includes the admissions process, preparing for the LSAT, visiting forums, visiting schools, interviews, and anything else all the way up to graduation. I will share any helpful links and resources that I come across and all my experiences. I would also love some feedback from anyone that reads this blog. I do not care if it’s critique of my writing style or sharing resources that may help other readers, please feel free to communicate!